Setting up a business in Poland

Generally there are two groups of foreigners who can conduct business in Poland:

  1. Foreigners who can conduct business on the same principles as Polish citizens. These are people who have permanent residence permit, EU long term residence permit, Pole’s card and some of foreigners who have temporary residence permit + for example are married to a Polish citizen.
  2. Other foreigners (not listed above) may conduct business in a form of a:
    • limited liability company,
    • joint stock company,
    • limited partnership company,
    • limited partnership joint stock company.

If a foreigner wants only to establish one of the companies listed above (and be a shareholder), then it’s no need to come to Poland and obtain temporary residence permit, but he will be only an owner of the company. The person who will actually conduct business activity in Poland is for example a company director. In case the director is a foreigner, he has to apply for temporary residence permit in Poland.

The advantage of setting up a business in Poland is that the company can conduct business activity during your temporary residence permit procedure.

A foreigner working or willing to work in a company set up by himself has to demonstrate that the activity of this company is beneficial for the Polish economy (growth of investment, technology transfer, introduction of beneficial innovations or creation of new workplaces).

Summarizing, if you are willing to set up a business in Poland, then you should be prepared for three procedures:

  1. setting up a company + registration procedure;
  2. business visa procedure (if you are abroad of Poland and don’t have a visa);
  3. temporary residence permit procedure (on the basis of conducting business activity).

Immigration Lawyer provided legal assistance during all of the procedures listed above. My law office incorporate the company on your behalf – that means you don’t need to come to Poland to have your company registered on your name. The company can start running immediately and from the beginning it will be your company.

As a result of cooperation with our law office, your company:

  1. will have it’s articles of association signed in a Notary Public Office in Poland;
  2. will be registered in the National Company Registry (KRS) and will obtain it’s individual KRS number;
  3. will get tax identification number (NIP);
  4. will get statistical number (REGON);
  5. will be registered in Polish Social Security Service (ZUS);
  6. will have it’s own address in Poland.

Our law office also provides legal services for companies which are registered and conducting business in Poland (in all areas).

One thought on “Setting up a business in Poland

  1. Hi..
    I am looking for a self employed business visa for me & my wife.
    We live in Mumbai & we have a Real Estate Consultantcy Company since last 10 years.
    Can you pls advise – guide – on the process – timeline & cost.
    We are planning to visit Germany & Poland in Aug 2018.
    We can plan to meet – during our visit.


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