Business Visa & Business Resident Permit procedure

Back in 2017 I have written an article about general information for visa and resident permit applications. In this article I will focus on business visa and business resident permit procedure. Please find below the most important steps for obtaining business visa and business resident permit in Poland.

Step no. 1

The first and the most important step is to form a company (information about forming a company) or buy a ready made company in Poland (information about buying a ready made company). This step is essential as without having a company in Poland, applying for a business visa is impossible.

Step no. 2

After incorporating the company or buying a ready made company, the changes must be registered in Registry Court System. After having the changes registered you will receive a confirmation from the court. Now it is the correct time to apply for a business visa at the proper Polish Embassy. When you get well at the interview at the Embassy and provide all required documents you will obtain a business visa (national or schengen), congratulations! Now you can travel to Poland for business reasons.

Step no. 3

If you are willing to stay in Poland for a longer time, then it will be needed to apply for a business resident permit. Application for temporary residence permit must be filed during your legal stay in Poland. When the right Voivodeship Officer accepts your application, he will put a stamp in your passport, confirming that you have applied for a temporary residence permit. This stamp legalises your stay  in Poland, even though your visa or previous temporary residence permit has expired. Finally you receive a residence card.

My law office provides legal services during all the steps written above. We offer discounts for clients who are interested in all of our services – establishing a company, preparing visa application and representing you during the residence permit procedure.

For more information about the fees and cooperation, please contact my law office on e-mail: or on WhatsApp.


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