Buying a ready made company in Poland

Recently my law office had a lot of questions about buying a ready made company in Poland (in a form of a LLC). In this article I would like to explain how it can be done.

Buying a properly registered and professionally prepared shelf company is very important to your future business. The advantage of such decision is that the company is already registered (because is some situations the Registry Court can refuse the registration) and has got it’s own address in Poland. It is also important that the company has got the KRS Number, Social Security Number, Tax Identification Number and Statistical Number, so it is ready to conduct business anytime.

Foreigners can buy a shelf company in Poland without their presence in Poland. If you would like to start your business in Poland and you don’t have a visa or a residence permit (citizens of countries from which a visa or residence permit is required to stay in Poland), then you can buy a ready made company without coming to Poland. My law office offers complex legal assistance in that matter, so you will be confident that your case is being proceeded by a professional and is in right hands. The companies for sale are prepared by my law office, so you have the knowledge that the company’s documentation was prepared by a professional lawyer, registered on an Official Polish Ministry of Justice Lawyer’s List. It is very important, as the proper preparation of company’s documents has got a major influence on the quality of running a company.

If you decide to buy a shelf company which is prepared by my law office, then:

  • minimum formalities are required (no need to come to Poland);
  • you get 100% clean company, present on Polish market with certificate for no liabilities;
  • the company is ready to start business immediately;
  • the company will have KRS Number, Social Security Number, Tax Identification Number and Statistical Number;
  • the company will have it’s own address in Poland (virtual office);
  • you will be introduced to current bank offers and accounting services;
  • on your wish the company can be customized;
  • on your wish my law office can prepare your business visa application and represent you in front of Voivodeship Office for obtaining a business residence permit;
  • my law office offers consultation for running any type of business in Poland and can provide you legal services on any grounds;
  • the fees which my law office offers are with no hidden costs, you pay once and receive services which you request.


My law office offers shelf companies service in Poland that are 100% clean, without any liabilities and ready to start business and earning money. Ready companies that my law office provides are properly incorporated, registered according to all legal requirements on the basis of polish commercial companies code. If you will choose my law office services, then you will enjoy maximum flexibility and full professional lawyer’s support anytime.

My law office also offers a traditional incorporating a company on your behalf from the beginning, so the company will be made from the start with your suggestions and you will be the owner of the company from the very beginning. We provide our legal services from incorporation, through registration and with running the company.

For more information about the fees and cooperation, please contact my law office on e-mail: or on WhatsApp.


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