Company Formation in Poland

Proper formation and registration of a company in Poland is a gradual process. It is needed to sign the incorporation act in front of a notary public and go through court registration procedure. The first steps regarding a new company are the most important, because they influence on the company’s future activity. My law office also offers an incorporating a company on your behalf from the beginning, so the company will be made from the start with your suggestions and you will be the owner of the company from the very beginning. We provide our legal services from incorporation, through registration and with running the company.

My law office offers a professional company formation in Poland legal service. We help our clients with every detail connected with establishing business entities based on Polish law. My law office services regarding company incorporation are the most professional on the market. We pay strict attention to every detail on every stage of Polish company formation process and your business visa and residence permit process.

There is no need to come to Poland to form a company in Poland, my law office can take all activities on your behalf, finally as a result of our cooperation, you will receive a brand new company in Poland, without moving from your home country.

As a result of cooperation with our law office, your company:

  1. will have it’s articles of association signed in a Notary Public Office in Poland;
  2. will be registered in the National Company Registry (KRS) and will obtain it’s individual KRS number;
  3. will get tax identification number (NIP);
  4. will get statistical number (REGON);
  5. will be registered in Polish Social Security Service (ZUS);
  6. will have it’s own address in Poland.

Also you will be introducted to bank services and accounting services.

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