I am an advocate who is specializing in immigration law and business/commercial law in Poland. After graduating University I have started to provide legal help in migration cases and got several years experience in the area of immigration consultacy and legal assistance to companies. I’m focused on helping people from all over the world to get visa and residence permit to Poland. I also offer my legal services to business investors  who wish to establish or develop their business in Poland. 

It is extremely important to me that you have complete peace of mind during the process knowing that your application is in the best hands. Throughout the process,  you will have a professional lawyer as your contact who will help and guide you every step of the way to gain visa or residence permit.

If you are looking for legal assistance in:

then we can provide legal assistance on all of the grounds. If you received a rejection of a visa decision or a residence permit decision, we can prepare the appeal for you and act on your behalf in the appeal proceeding.

If you are interested in opening a company in Poland, as a result of cooperation with our law office, your company:

  1. will have it’s articles of association signed in a Notary Public Office in Poland;
  2. will be registered in the National Company Registry (KRS) and will obtain it’s individual KRS number;
  3. will get tax identification number (NIP);
  4. will get statistical number (REGON);
  5. will be registered in Polish Social Security Service (ZUS);
  6. will have it’s own address in Poland.

If you have any doubts or need additional information, please feel free to ask. All email/WhatsApp quotations are answered within 24 hours.

For the detailed offer please contact our office on e-mail: or on WhatsApp +48 693 557 518.