Firstly, it is not necessary to meet with  immigration lawyer personally to receive the legal help that you require. International video conference via Skype or WhatsApp is available in my law office. Also, I provide legal advice in a form of an e-mail which answers all your questions regarding immigration to Poland. I provide skilled and experienced legal help to individuals, companies and families around the world, and I know that not every person can meet with me at my office in Poland.

As a Certified Advocate, you can rest assured that I will explain all your options and provide you with the best possible solution to your case. If you are overseas and having difficulties with a Consulate, or you would like to have a legal advice before staring your immigration process, then you have access to an advocate who specializes in immigration law. A Skype/WhatsApp or email consultation is a cost-effective solution, as you save money for an international call. Of course, you also have confidence that your case is being proceeded by an advocate, not another “immigration agency” which can be held by everyone. Even if you are overseas, you can meet online with an experienced immigration lawyer through an online consultation.

If your are interested, just use the contact form provided on the website, write an email or call my office to schedule your online consulatation date.