Welcome to Business in Polan Legal Consulting webpage! You  can find here help and information about legalizing your stay and conducting business in Poland. We are a law office which specializes in immigration law and business/commercial law in Poland. We provide legal assistance in the grounds specified below:

There is no need to come to Poland to form a company in Poland, my law office can take all activities on your behalf, finally as a result of our cooperation, you will receive a brand new company in Poland, without moving from your home country. 

If you have received a rejection of a visa decision or a residence permit decision, we can prepare the appeal for you and act on your behalf in the appeal proceeding.

If your case is not listed above, then please contact us, and we will do our best to solve your issue.

It is extremely important to us that you have complete peace of mind during the process knowing that your application is in the best hands. Throughout the process,  you will have us as your contact who will help and guide you every step of the way to gain visa/residence permit and starting your business in Poland.

As a result of cooperation with our law office, your company:

  1. will have it’s articles of association signed in a Notary Public Office in Poland;
  2. will be registered in the National Company Registry (KRS) and will obtain it’s individual KRS number;
  3. will get tax identification number (NIP);
  4. will get statistical number (REGON);
  5. will be registered in Polish Social Security Service (ZUS);
  6. will have it’s own address in Poland.

If you have any doubts or need additional information, please feel free to ask. All email/WhatsApp quotations are answered within 24 hours.