Author: adw. Miłosz Matysiak

  • Investment in Poland VIP offer

    INVESTMENT IN POLAND VIP OFFER In addition to the standard offer of my law office (legal services), according to high interest in the subject of investing in Poland and gaining a residence permit, my law office prepared a special VIP offer for interested investors, who would like to invest in Poland 1 000 000 USD or […]

  • Polish Citizenship

    Polish citizenship can be obtained via: virtue of law; granting Polish citizenship; recognition as a Polish citizen; restoration of Polish citizenship; In some cases there will be needed to obtain (especially if you are a child or grandchild of Polish emigrants): confitmation of having Polish citizenship. 1. Obtaining Polish citizenship by a virtue of law. […]

  • Business Visa & Business Resident Permit procedure

    Back in 2017 I have written an article about general information for visa and resident permit applications. In this article I will focus on business visa and business resident permit procedure. Please find below the most important steps for obtaining business visa and business resident permit in Poland. Step no. 1 The first and the […]

  • Company Formation in Poland

    Proper formation and registration of a company in Poland is a gradual process. It is needed to sign the incorporation act in front of a notary public and go through court registration procedure. The first steps regarding a new company are the most important, because they influence on the company’s future activity. My law office […]

  • Buying a ready made company in Poland

    Recently my law office had a lot of questions about buying a ready made company in Poland (in a form of a LLC). In this article I would like to explain how it can be done. Buying a properly registered and professionally prepared shelf company is very important to your future business. The advantage of […]

  • Why to open a limited liability company in Poland?

    Limited liability Firstly, it is needed to mention that limited liability company has got a separate legal entity which generally means that the company is responsible for it’s obligations (not the shareholders). In some circumstances, the management board can be responsible for company’s obligations, for example when the financial execution against the company turns out […]

  • Conducting Business in Poland FAQ

    In this article I would like to answer the ten most frequent questions about setting up a company in Poland and conducting business. 1. Can I establish a limited liability company in Poland while I am abroad? It’s possible to establish a company in Poland, while the shareholders and management board are staying abroad (even […]

  • Appealing from Visa and TRP decisions

    1. Appealing from a Visa rejection. The Polish Consul can reject a visa application, below is the list of the most common refusal basis, when the applicant: does not have valid travel document; is listed in a registry of people which stay in Poland is undesirable; is listed in the Schengen Information System concerning persons […]

  • Long Term EU Residency

    The long term EU Residency permit authorizes it’s holder to stay in Poland permanently, only the residence card must be renewed for 5 years peroids. The foreigner can take up work in Poland on that basis and can travel along Schengen Zone countries for tourist reasons. The long term EU Residency permit may be granted […]

  • Setting up a business in Poland

    Generally there are two groups of foreigners who can conduct business in Poland: Foreigners who can conduct business on the same principles as Polish citizens. These are people who have permanent residence permit, EU long term residence permit, Pole’s card and some of foreigners who have temporary residence permit + for example are married to […]