In addition to the standard offer of my law office (legal services), according to high interest in the subject of investing in Poland and gaining a residence permit, my law office prepared a special VIP offer for interested investors, who would like to invest in Poland 1 000 000 USD or more.

Investing in property and setting up a new business in a foreign country is a difficult process if you don’t have any support – starting from language barrier to complicated law issues. Our team provides complex services in all of the grounds.

It is extremely important to us that you have complete peace of mind during the process knowing that your application is in the best hands. Throughout the process,  you will have us as your contact who will help and guide you every step of the way to gain visa/residence permit, run your business in Poland and any other grounds.

My law office cooperates with experienced real estate agents, tax advisors and patent attorneys. Also, as we are providing legal services to companies in Poland from various industries, you can be confident that we can also help to to find a reliable business partner in Poland.

With this special VIP offer, we provide:

  1. complex legal services regarding opening and running a company in Poland;
  2. cooperation with experienced real estate agents, covering all the territory of Poland;
  3. patent attorneys legal services (if needed);
  4. services regarding finding a reliable business partner in Poland;
  5. complex services according to residency in Poland;
  6. services regarding any of your request;
  7. 24/h, 7 days a week lawyer care (in Poland, most of law offices work only from Monday to Friday)

For detailed offer please contact us directly on e-mail: (please note in subject that you are interested in the VIP offer).